When you click 'Join Now' on an active Teams meeting, you'll see a screen similar to the one below before you join... but did you know that you can also use this screen to test whetheryour microphone & speakers are working before you enter a meeting?

Make a Test Call

If you click on the make a test call button, a call will begin between yourself and an automated Teams attendant. 

You will be asked to record a message after the beep to test your microphone, and when you hang up you'll see a report of whether or not Teams could recognize your microphone, webcam and speakers. If you pass with flying colours, you're ready to enter your class meeting! 

NOTE: You need to use the Teams Desktop App to use the 'test call' function. If you haven't installed the Teams App before, please read this article (click here)

Changing Device Settings 

If you're using a pair of headphones to listen to the meeting, or using an external microphone to talk during the meeting, you may need to change your input settings if Teams hasn't changed it automatically. 

To do this, click on the cog wheel (see the image below for guidance), then click on the drop down arrows beneath the speaker and microphone options depending on what you'd like to change. 

If you're not sure which input to use, you can always make a test call to see if your choice works or not.