If your laptop doesn't already have the Office 365 suite of apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc) installed, don't stress ? it only takes 3 steps to get the apps installed... let's start at the College Gateway Page

1. Open the College Gateway Page (gateway.mackillop.wa.edu.au)

2. Click on the Student tile > Office 365 tile (click on the image below to make it bigger)

3. Sign in with your CEWA Student email address (SEQTAusername@student.cewa.edu.au) & Password.



 4. Once logged in, press the Install Office (top right hand corner of the screen) then the Office 365 Apps option.

5. Now all you need to do are follow the installation instructions that will appear on your screen.

Note: If an Office 365 app asks you to enter your Email address to Activate, enter your CEWA Student email address again.